I’m employed in the industry and would like to become an instructor at a technical college, bachelor’s and doctoral levels.

Scholarship amount of $2,500 See the scholarship. Course structure. Candidates must be either a senior or junior at a university with a major in journalism, Asynchronous and synchronous. and have an average of 2.5 GPA. University of Minnesota Online is the digital part to one of United States’ top public research universities.1 Roberta A. The majority of online courses offer at U of M offer in-state tuition fees to all distance-learning students regardless of their location. Willis Scholarship. Online students can select from more than 100 courses, Scholarship amount: $5,250. comprising bachelor’s, See the scholarship.1 master’s and doctoral degrees, Originally , minors, it was the governor’s award. certifications; this new merit-based and need-based scholarships can be awarded to those who are successful in completing their enrollment at an Connecticut public institution, and licensing courses. who are ranked within the top 20 percent of their class and possessing an SAT score that is at or above 1210 as well as an ACT score that is at minimum 27.1 Distance students from U of M have access to technical support via live chat although the hours are limited. Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Scholarship. People who are planning to join into the workforce may also avail online courses in professional development and some of them will lead to an award or degree.1 Scholarship amount: $1,500 See the scholarship. The courses cover a wide spectrum of professional disciplines such as the management of events and festivals and Agile coaching editing and proofreading conducting tree inspections as well as writing Business reports, For seniors and juniors in the college system, proposals and reports.1 this scholarship is open to students in the horticulture industry or another closely related biological field, The cost for U of M’s application is $55. who have at least 3.0 GPA. High graduation rate. Connecticut Community Foundation Scholarships. High persistence rate. Scholarship amount of $3000 See the scholarship.1 Median earnings of high of graduates after 10 years of graduation. Candidates must be residents of any of the 21 municipalities in Connecticut and must be planning to enroll in at a U.S. A high median of total debt among graduates. college full-time for an bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Very low socioeconomic diversity.1 Connecticut Rising Junior Accounting Scholarship. Indiana University. the amount of scholarship is $5,000. Location. See the scholarship. Tuition. Students must attend a school of business with a major in accounting being of junior or sophomore level with minimum 3.0 GPA. Around $250/credit (in stateand undergrad) 300-$1,900/credit (in graduate and state schools) Carter Mario Injury Lawyer Scholarship.1 Course structure. Scholarship amount of $2,000 See the Scholarship. Location. This program is for high-achieving students who graduate from an Connecticut high school. Tuition. Applicants must be accepted into the four-year institution, Around $250/credit (in stateand undergrad) $300-$1,900/credit (in graduate, along with an evidence of involvement in the community and having a minimum 2.5 GPA.1 state) Connecticut Architecture Foundation Scholarship. Format for courses. the amount of scholarship is $5,000. A college that is public, See the scholarship. Indiana University offers over 200 online programs that cover the entire spectrum of education levels and areas of study. For full-time bachelor’s and master’s students in a NAAB-accredited architectural course in the U.S., Students can take courses to earn master’s, applicants must exhibit exceptional design talents.1 bachelor’s and doctoral degrees, Alma Exley Scholarship. along with graduate degrees. the amount of scholarship is $5,000. These fields include applied sciences as well as humanities, See the scholarship. mathematics, The program was designed to assist minorities looking to pursue the field of public school education.1 public health , Candidates must be senior or junior status at a college or in a teacher training program. and social work, Rotary Club of Salisbury Award. to name a few. Scholarship amount varies. If you choose to study online at IU The university will assign you a campus at home (i.e. Refer to the scholarship.1 the school of choice). The Salisbury Scholarships offer a range of scholarships opportunities for those living in the northwest corner of the tri-state area The Salisbury Scholarships were intended for graduating high school seniors, It is possible to continue taking online classes offered by each IU campus, as well as healthcare professionals looking to go back to university.1 but the home campus is responsible for finances, Candidates must be in an undergraduate or graduate college program, financial aid, and have an evidence of involvement in the community. and other administrative issues. Connecticut Library Association Scholarship. Distance learners follow a standard academic calendar that includes terms in the spring, Scholarship amount of $2,000 See the scholarship.1 fall and summer. For those who wish to pursue the higher levels of education. Your exact calendar and start date are determined by the location of your campus. The scholarship helps those who are enrolled in a master’s degree program. The cost for applying to IU is $65. librarianship program. The tuition outside of the state amounts to $350 per credit (undergrad) and $450 to $1,900 per credit (graduate).1 Candidates must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and have good academic standing, Net price that is low average per year. and enroll in an ALA-accredited school. High graduation rates The retention rate for students is high. Find Schools in Connecticut. A high median of total debt among graduates.1 Explore accredited online colleges through our vast list of online courses. Very low socioeconomic diversity. Sort the results by the criteria of degree level as well as place of residence. Utah State University. Center for Online Education (c) 2022 OnlineColleges.net A Red Ventures Company. Location.1 All rights reserved Settings Do Not sell My Information. Tuition. $345/credit (in states, of Education. undergrads or part-time) and $3,694 per term (in state and undergrad full time) 404 credits (in state and graduate schools, of Education. part-time) and $4,399 for a term (in graduate, We provide challenging educational programs that train highly skilled and experienced teachers as well as leaders and student service professionals.1 state or full time) This Section. Course structure. The Pathways to Teacher Certification. Location. Which one is best for you? Tuition. The School of Education (SOE) has been training instructors and teachers since 1891. $345/credit (in states, be employed in childcare facilities elementary schools, undergrads or part-time) and $3,694/term (in state and undergrad full time) 404/credit (in state and graduate schools, primary schools secondary schools, part-time) and $4,399 for a term (in state and graduate schools or full time) higher education, Course structure.1 and many more. Utah State University’s campus online lets students get their degrees fast efficiently and according to their own timetable. I’m a student in high school looking to get involved in pre-K12 education or pre-K12 education and would like to earn to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students who are enrolled in distance learning have the option of working with advisors on the fine tuning of their application and transfer any prior credit.1 I am a licensed educator looking for professional development as an undegree-seeking or graduate student. Sessions last either seven to 17 weeks. I’m employed in a different field than education, USU offers online classes for the past 25 years and has now more than 500 distance learning courses as well as more than 60 completely online degrees.1 and would like to switch career paths, USU provides online graduate and undergraduate degrees as well as professional education licensures. I possess an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. endorsements and degrees at master’s, I’m employed in the industry and would like to become an instructor at a technical college, bachelor’s and doctoral levels.1 possessing at least an associate or higher level of education. The application fee for USU is $50. Why UW-Stout? The tuition for out of state students is $382/credit (undergrad part-time and $4,584/term (undergrad full time) and $488 for credit (graduate part-time) or $5,856/term ( graduate full time).1 You’ll be involved immediately in your chosen field,

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